Wednesday, 22 December 2004

ACDSee V7 & Mike's beautiful girlfriend

To get techie for a second - I have just updated ACDSee photo management software to version 7.0.

V7.0 includes support for Nikon .NEF RAW image format - so I've been experimenting with it (using pictures of Mike & Jen!).

Wierd stuff is happening!

So as I shot NEF+JPG I have the original low quality JPG which looks okayish and the NEF. ACDSee displays the NEF files really brightly! (is it scaling displayed colours to top end of the 16 bits per pixel or something?). Anyway If I just 'save as JPG' I get really dim picture. Instead if I use exposure adjust (auto) 1st, then save I get a decent photo.

This photo is with flash by the way ( the one below is without). Next time I'll try my new SB-800 Speedlight flash which arrived in the post this morning:-

(c) Bill Pinnell 2004

Mike and Jen and mince pies

Chris and Gillian invited Denise, Ethan and myself down to Godlaming for the annual mince pies and mulled wine bash. Everyone was happy to take Ethan off our hands (at one point I didn't know who had him!). This was also the 1st time we've got to meet Mike's new girlfriend - Jen. Jen seemed to have a calming infuence on Mike (well - when they were in public anyway...) It was nice to show off Ethan to them too! (note - he'll probably put a few pictures on his blog later)
(c) Bill Pinnell 2004

Tuesday, 7 December 2004

No sign of Jupiter...

The moon through my Tele Vue 60 APO (for those that are wondering - this is my portable scope - reviewed in this month's Sky&Telescope) Was trying to get Jupiter and moon together but clouds came up and obscured the Jovian giant. (better get to bed its 3.40 am)

Updated on 11th Dec: Above photo was taken using old Isux V3 camera - was just too much like hard work getting the D70 focused and balanced on the TV60 on just a Manfrotto tripod!
(c) Bill Pinnell 2004