Friday, 18 February 2005

Flying on a sunny afternoon

Bit sunnier flying in the afternoon!
(c) Ethan Pinnell 2004

Early Riser

Early in the morning climbed up a peak overlooking the road to IronForge. You can't see it here but it was so cold you could see my breath!
(c) Ethan Pinnell 2004

Moonlight over Gol'Bolar Quarry

Flying from Loch Modan back to IronForge on a Griffin only takes 5 mins (but 1sp) rather than 30mins walking! Plus you get to have a good look at all the scenery, NPCs and other players!
(c) Ethan Pinnell 2004

Saturday, 12 February 2005

Billius the 6th Level Gnome Rogue

Having bought the game yesterday - European launch day - (only to find my copy didn't have a authentication key sticker inside - so back it went to WH Smiths...) I finally managed to log into World Of Warcraft sometime in the early hours of this morning. Lost track of time running around slaying troggs, wolves and boar (and a couple of ice cave troll things) until Denise got up and reminded me "its nearly 4'o clock in the morning! Come to bed NOW!' ....ooops.

Anyway - I've now made it to IronForge where I've been training in Skinning and Leather making skills so next time I slice and dice a wolf, boar or whatever - hopefully I can make something useful (and potentially valuable) from the bits left over!

Saturday, 5 February 2005