Friday, 22 September 2006

Warning - I think IKEA Poang Footstools are dangerous!

Toby shouldn't be lying underneath the footstool frame - he should be on top of it...
Unfortunately Denise didn't know that the wooden rest would collapse when she put her knee on it whilst buttoning up Toby.
Toby's fine - but Denise has badly bruised her leg - hopefully some frozen sweetcorn will reduce the swelling

I just phoned Ikea to complain about the damn thing - they said 'it is only meant for resting your feet on' - yes - but obviously given its general height and appearance people are going to be tempted to sit on it, kneel on it, use it to put something on etc - if it is so liable to collapse then they should make this clear in store/or in product documentation - where there is no warning that I can find.

[update: I just talked to Chris at Ikea Croydon, basically held to the line that this was only designed to "rest your feet on" - therefore they were not responsible for anything that was caused by misuse/unintended use. Nor would they look into making changes to any documentation to provide any form of warning about misuse. I suggested that they put enough warnings on other products - but Chris was adamant that "it is commonsense" to only rest your feet on this.

He was polite enough - and also open to me taking this further through trading standards etc - or bringing in footstool for them to look at - I think I'll try and find out if anyone else has had similar problems with this item. (Chris said this is one of their most popular items and they hadn't had any other complaints about it!)

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  1. I sit on my footstool ALL the time - loads and loads and NEVER had any problem.

    I am surprised it broke - but I guess if Denise's knee put all the presure on one place then maybe...

  2. We just erected this footstool and my daughter sat on it and promptly fell through it. Then we looked more carefully at the diagram and realised we had put the top on upside down so that the flat top was slotted in at the bottom of the strut, not the top, and so the area was too wide to support it. Could this be what happened when you assembled your footstool? T

  3. I have just had the same problem and on checking the top supports were indeed upside down. Thank you Ray

  4. I was just searching for a way to fix this problem, read the responses then ran upstairs to see that - yes - my slats were in properly. Yet, it has collapsed 3 times when used for more than resting feet. Very disappointing.

  5. Just sat on mine for a second (cat was on the chair), top broke and I fell right through it. This isn't just cheap its dangerous. Its also clearly a deliberate decision in the design of the stool which could easily be fixed in a number of simple ways

  6. Mine is assembled correctly, but it's still dangerous. A flawed design.

  7. I have found that the older models were safe to sit on (been doing it for years), but the newer ones have a different design. I fell through at my brother's place, and bruised myself up pretty badly. He said I'm the 3rd casualty. Not cool, Ikea.


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