Saturday, 8 September 2007

...First second-hand iPod Nano sold in Japan!

About 30 mins after getting new video Nano I sold it for a 200 Yen profit to a friend from work! He liked the colour more than me and I'm going to get the iTouch instead!

Friday, 7 September 2007

First iPod Nano Sold In Japan

First iPod Nano Sold In Japan
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So... there I was in the Apple Store in Ginza, Tokyo, when a large trolley appeared with lots of boxes of new iPods...

It was impossible to resist the lure of a new shiny video iPod Nano.. when I went to pay for it they all got excited as it was the first new iPod Nano sold in Japan.

I later heard it was out in Japan before lots of other countries (including I think the USA) so maybe it was the first in the whole world!

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Selling SXV M8C Astro CCD

Unused Starlight Xpress SXV M8C CCD, Boxed, as new. £600

I gave it a go selling this in Feb - but after rushing it to buyer sale fell through due to lack of funds at his end - being somewhat disorganized and having a lot of other stuff on my plate I have done NOTHING else to sell this since. A recent tidy brought me eye-to-eye with said wrapped parcel - so - lets try this again :)

Note: sold autoguider seperately already.

M8C Was £1200 new direct from Starlight (March 2005)
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