Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Made it in at last

Day 2 - 2nd attempt to get to work

Cycled to Raynes Park via A3 and caught train to Waterloo - hurrah!

Monday, 2 February 2009

Getting to work - FAIL

So a tail of two bikes....

After an initial abortive attempt to take boys to nursery and get Denise to work we decided to bunker down - nursery was shut, no trains and the back streets near us an ice rink.

Anyway we needed milk so I thought I would test out whether my micro thin fixed gear's tires would get me to the nearest shop. Wow! That was a bit slippery! Interestingly it would have been actually impossible on a normal geared bike - rather than just really hard.

So, getting desperate to go into the office this afternoon I cast about for public transport methods still working. I was happy to find that according to the national rail enquiries live departure boards for both Malden manor and waterloo that the chessington line was still running.

Right so needed a way of getting the couple of miles there so decided to bring my old mountain bike out of retirement - however would require replacing slicks with knobby tires. A while later set off into the snow. 10 feet later noticed puncture on front. Denise thought this was a good sign that I really should give up this madness. No! To quote Ethan (quoting Buzz Lightyear) "Never give up. Never surrender!". 20 mins later - off I went....

Hmm, so it's bad enough slipping and sliding around the road on your own but much worse when there is a car coming up behind you who will squish you flat if you do go over...

Finally made it to the railway station....

Chessington Line open? They lied.

Turned around and now on my way home. Via the pub because I need (just a little) muscle relaxment before heading onto the slippery slopes of Cuddington.