Wednesday, 11 August 2004

Moonlight 'will not spoil' meteor show

BBC NEWS Moonlight 'will not spoil' meteor show

Yeah - but the clouds did! No wishes on a shooting star made tonight (which was a shame as I could have probably got lots of new gadgets with the 200 meteors per hour there is meant to be!). I'll set the alarm for before dawn - probably 4.45am - hope the clouds have gone. I was going to drive up to Epsom Downs as it is facing North and try and get some photos. Anyway - you're probably reading this on the 12th. Here's where to look tonight if its clear:

Hmm - just found those diagrams on the web - I think you'd have to be somewhere else in the world (maybe East Coast of USA) for them to be accurate - but the relative placement of the Perseids to constellations and other stars will be about the same (er - you'll have to adjust for equatorial shift/rotation around pole as well...)- just the whole view will be different time.

In fact the more I think about this - the more I think I should get another diagram up there.... what the heck - it'll probably be raining anyway so who cares.

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