Saturday, 12 February 2005

Billius the 6th Level Gnome Rogue

Having bought the game yesterday - European launch day - (only to find my copy didn't have a authentication key sticker inside - so back it went to WH Smiths...) I finally managed to log into World Of Warcraft sometime in the early hours of this morning. Lost track of time running around slaying troggs, wolves and boar (and a couple of ice cave troll things) until Denise got up and reminded me "its nearly 4'o clock in the morning! Come to bed NOW!' ....ooops.

Anyway - I've now made it to IronForge where I've been training in Skinning and Leather making skills so next time I slice and dice a wolf, boar or whatever - hopefully I can make something useful (and potentially valuable) from the bits left over!

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