Thursday, 29 September 2005

Pioneer PDP-436XDE Plasma Display

Pioneer PDP-436XDE Media Box and Remote

Pioneer PDP-436XDE Plasma display. The display is 1024x768 resolution which is 'HD-Ready' but I don't like the fact that it doesn't support the minimum horizontal resolution of 1280. HD-Ready is dependent on being able to support only the vertical resolution of 720.

Here's a rant I posted on the Digital Spy Forum

I'm currently specifying a new AV system and have been struggling with the display choice.

The display must:

be between 37 and 45inches large (room isnt big enough to support 50inch)
have HDMI/HDCP input, ideally also have freeview tuner
Good contrast ratio
be HD-Ready*

*HD-Ready - what a loaded term....

So, I definately want something which at a minimum can support the SkyHD resolution of 720p - but hang on, the horizontal resolution of 1280 would also be good (which is what you get with SkyHD on 720p)

But.... what about 1080i, this comes with a horizontal resolution of 1920.... not many screen out there that support that!

Finally I want to plug the Playstation 3 into this and play games at 1920x1080p (as well as Blu-Ray DVDs if they get output at such a resolution)

I can't see ANY plasmas in my size range (or for that matter in much larger size) that support this resolution. The only thing that does is the Sharp Aquos LC45GD1E LCD which not only is over £5000 but also has a contrast ratio of 800:1 - sadly much less than the plasma I liked, the Pioneer PDP-436XDE which has contrast ratio of 3000:1 but only 1024x768 resolution

Why don't the magazine reviewers and sites such as this discuss the fundamental flaw in having what may look like a really good picture - but which misses a lot of the original data - or quality of the source material. Its like connecting some crappy speakers to your £000's of HIFI

In computing we use the term 'native resolution' this denotes the number of pixels that a display supports. You absolutely make damn sure that your source is the same as the native resolution as you otherwise have to upscale or downscale which produces a worse image than if it was at native rez (artifacts, blurring, etc)

So.... my simple question is where are all the displays at 1920x1080 ? (and why aren't more of you complaining!?!?)


  1. Understand your frustration at the lack of 1080p displays. Not really a problem with 1080i content but as hd becomes part of the consumer electronics world i can see a 2 tier system, 720p/1080i as entry and 1080p as high end. Just cant bring myself to spend 3k+ on somthing thats going to be out proformed in such a fundemental way in 18months or so.