Monday, 21 November 2005

New LCD and AV Equip

Here's the new Philips 37PF9830 (on the motorised stand it comes with).

Still not on the wall yet (the new stud wall behind needs plastering first).

Also shown:

Denon AVC A11XV A/V amp (bottom),
Denon TU-1800DAB tuner,
Sony RDR HXD910 Freeview/HDD/DVD writer.

You can also see my old (Gale) speakers. I'm hoping to replace these with a pair of B&W 805s

But I've also just seen the B&W XT Series - so maybe I should look at XT4?

(c) Ethan Pinnell 2004


  1. I just auditioned the XT2 hooked up to entry level Naim CD and Amp. These speaker blew the socks off all the others we listened to. I'm surprised they're being touted as AV.