Sunday, 19 February 2006

Work Hard, Play Hard... Unexpected Bump in the Night

During the last year or so I've often experienced the odd occasion of sharp pains in my lower abdomen - normally after standing around at a party/conference/event for hours schmoozing (with the odd glass of wine). At the time I put this pain down to either a trapped nerve, imminent bladder explosion or generally having overdosed on canapes.

Waking up in Barcelona on Thursday morning I felt something wasn't quite right - it wasn't until I was showering that I noticed something sticking out of my abdomen which had not been there the night before!

Needless to say - this blog entry is not going to be accompanied by any photos - I'll spare you that.

Two minutes later I was on the phone to my doctor - who suggested I get down the surgery right away - bit tricky given my current location in Spain (whereupon I ended up having a surreal conversation about how good voice quality was on modern mobile phones whilst roaming with the same carrier abroad...) anyway - made an appointment for the following morning.

Friday morning back in Blighty, it seems I have a Inguinal Hernia - no immediate danger - just painful until I get it sorted (hopefully soon) with surgery - until then I shouldn't put strain on it otherwise it can get bigger and nastier.

....So, no more clubbing, cycling (or lifting heavy telescopes) for a while :(

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