Monday, 5 January 2009

No more astro...

For a while anyway.

Have packed up the scope and mount in the wee hours - thankfully before it started snowing.

I'll wait to hear from AstroPhysics Inc. on what I should do about the non-functioning declination motor. Or I should say motor controller as when I swap cables I can drive Dec. motor when connected as R.A. motor (but not RA from Dec control) The options seem to be:

1) send the GTOCP2 control unit for repair
2) upgrade to GTOCP3 unit
3) upgrade one or both of the motors

Could end up pricey but without Dec. motor working you end up pretty limited in what you can do.

Meanwhile I heard from Mike Unsold that new ImagesPlus v3.75 is going to be released at the end of the week which he'll then send so I have a lot of image processing stuff to learn - and try out on those images I got last week.


  1. Bill
    I am thinking of buying a 900GTO or Mach1GTO (if I can find one) so I was interested to read about your experiences.
    Are you getting good service from Astro-physics sorting out your mount problem? And what did you find out about the shipping costs to get upgrades done? My understanding is that they are extremely high from the US to Britain.
    I do my astronomy from my back garden but do not have a permanent set up. How easy do you find setting up the mount? Thanks, Peter