Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Links Broken!

So I now have Blogger hosting all blogs.

I have edited the DNS settings with 123-Reg so that there is a www CNAME entry with 'ghs.google.com.' value.

This seems to work HOWEVER - and this was a problem I faced last time I tried to do this -all links which use content from billpinnell.com no longer work - e.g. www.atpinnells.com/oldblogs/uploaded_images/picture.jpg

So it's seems that I have a couple of choices:
1/ edit all links and point them to a new or spare domain - and move my hosted content to that domain too e.g www.metasg.com/uploaded_images/

Actually I could use the 'missing files' option in blogger so that I don't have to edit links

2/figure out how to get www.billpinnell.com to point to google/blogger but keep sub folders still to remain at 123-reg - is this possible?

I'm sure I'm just trying to do this the wrong way - need a web/blogger/DNS expert.

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