Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Philips 37PF9830 better than Pioneer PDP-436XDE

Looking at some of the latest reviews I think the Philips 37PF9830 is the way to go (rather than the new Pioneer PDP-436XDE)
Here's some of the blurb:

LCD True HD display, 1920x1080p
HD ready for the highest quality display of HDTV signals
Pixel Plus 2 HD improves details in standard TV and HDTV
2-channel active Ambilight enhances the viewing experience

2 integrated NXT™ Monolith speakers with amazing performance
Matching design stand with motorised swivel included

Perfect picture quality from your digital photos
USB and Memory-Card slot for instantly playing multimedia
Advanced connection to your audio/video products
Most modern and highest quality HDMI and DVI-I connectivity

For the detailed specs look at Philips Cineos data sheet

One thing to note - though the panel is a true 1920x1080 pixels in resolution (and it even says '1080P' for progressive support) it won't actually accept a 1080P signal - or at least no-one who has one already has been able to get it to do this - the reasoning is that a) the electronics to deal with that input bandwidth would be much more expensive
b) it will de-interlace 1080i signals to true 1080 (which is nice)
c) the only device that will output 1080P is the PS3 which won't be available for a while anyway

This seems to be the case for other 1920x1080 panels (such as the Sharp Aquos)

Anyway - lots more about those issues on the AVForum thread!

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  1. Bill, the Archive url's on your main page are all displaying source...

  2. wish someone could fix that....

  3. Bill

    Spooky, these are the two TV choices I am wrestling with. I'm told that a TV image can look more natural on a plasma, whilst computer images benefit from LCD. I've seen the picture on the Pioneer and it looks awesome, but I've never seen them side by side. Have you, or are you basin your choice on specs alone?

  4. I really wanted the 1280x720p resolution for Sky HD services next year. The only way to get this with the Pioneer is to go for the 50" version - way too big for my small/medium sized room. Therefore got the 37PF9830 which is 1920x1080 (so it also supports the other (Sky and others) HD resolution of 1920x1080i.

    The picture is great with upscaled DVDs but very unforgiving with Freeview and other OTA signals.

    Saw the Pioneer PDP-436XDE in a shop the other day with freeview/OTA and it looked gorgeous - much better - at that resolution - so the choice is yours.

    I'm happy with mine because I'll get HD asap.


  5. I thought I read somewhere that the Pioneer had true 1080p input capability. I am literally buying one today and now I am not sure after reading your blog......

    The trouble is I dont want the external box (one more to find a home for) and initially the only High Def source will be a XBox 360

  6. The pioneer might be able to accept a 1080p signal (debateable as some people say HDMI doesn't have bandwidth for this - need two) - but regardless screen is not high enough resolution to display signal. 42" is 1024x768 and 50" is 1280x768. Only 50" can display all of a 1280x720p signal, and 50" can't display all of 1920x1080i signal.

  7. It appears that the Philips 37PF9830 only has one HDMI input, which I believe as you commented before; to reach 1080p you need two HDMI feeds. PS3 comes with two HDMI outputs’ I believe for this exact reason. Perhaps this TV isn't going to be able to even display PS3 games to their full...

    Which is a shame, you know of any other TV's available in the UK which can do this?

  8. Hi Kibble,

    No TVs, be they LCDs, Plasma's etc in Europe have support for 1080p input. There's been some just launched in Japan, and there will be a Samsung 46" at CES in Jan (see http://us.gizmodo.com/gadgets/samsung/samsung-46inch-lcd-has-highest-dynamic-contrast-ratio-141794.php) - but it seems there really isn't going to be that much content to drive LCD manufacturers to support this. There's a thread with a Philips representative talking about it at AVForums (which is down at the moment otherwise I'd post a link). Think HDMI 1.1 can't do 1.1 - no idea about whether 1.2 can support it (maybe no need for two physical HDMI ports - where does it say the PS3 has two?)

  9. You need to discuss the aspect to make sense of the 1080p debate. True 1080p would be progressive 1080 at a display frequency of approximately 50Hz (PAL) and 60hz (ATSC - the US version and extension of NTSC).

    The 37PF9830 takes the two fields of 1080i which are received at 60HZ and stores the first field then adds the second field to get a full 1920 x 108 frame which is display at 25 hz. This ois inferior to a true 1080p displayed at 60 hz - but there is no obvious source of 1080p at 60 Hz currently being produced apart from PC games. The point is that the film industry is based on 24 frames per sec. No standard film camera or projector goes faster than 24 frames a second. There is little point in TV that goes faster than the rate of the source material - it will either be just repeating each frame twice or will be applying its own interpolation. The later would produce odd results at every shot transition.