Wednesday, 6 September 2006

Googled Up

Had lots of problems today trying to get Picasa Hello! working correctly with Blogger (through BloggerBot).

Hello seemed to Log on and Off from Blogger/BloggerBot making picture upload nigh on impossible.

So I decided to have a look at whether my Picasa/Hello was out of date - yes - a lot. Now there is Picasa 2 which seems to do a whole lot of photo/album/web stuff.

Anyway - as soon as it loaded it started importing all of 'My Pictures'. 29000 photos later I was very impressed with the nice smooth scrolling and simple UI - but was less pleased to find that it didn't seem to be able to handle NEF files (from my Nikon D200) correctly - they were a horrible green shade with all the colours screwed up.

Searching the web I came across two posts - one from a user who had basically figured out that NEF files from a D200 were using slightly different format/algorithm from those on D70. (some debate over whether this is only on uncompressed NEFs vs compressed NEFs but I never got to the bottom of that). The second post was from the Picasa development team who were proud to announce that in Build 32.41 they had fixed support for D200 NEF files - great.

Not so great - you can only get access to build 32.41 if you're a PicasaWebAlbum beta tester.... okay...

Not okay - you can only be a Picasa WebAlbum tester if you are also a Google Mail (Gmail) user... which I'm not (some friend sent me an invite years ago which I never got round to using - unfortately its now expired)

So... next option - you can apply for a gmail account via mobile phone - if you live in the following countries (this list accurate at time of going to press):

New Zealand
The Philippines
United States

What sort of country support is that! Turkey but not United Kingdom! (Nothing against Turkey - but come on......)

Anyway - came across the following help entry at Gmail site:

"If you want to open an account a different way, you may want to ask a friend with a mobile phone to receive an invitation code for you or to ask someone you know who already has a Gmail account to email you an invitation"

Excellent - quick SMS to my good friend Derek in the US followed by lots of assertations that black helicopters and FBI wouldn't be knocking down his door any time soon - and hey presto got an 'invitation code'.

Climbing back out of the rabbit hole I fell down:- got Gmail account, became Beta Picasa Web Album tester. Downloaded latest version. Updated all thumbnails - hey presto!!! NEF files work.

And I'm now totally totally owned by Google.

Oh, and here's a web album I prepared earlier:

Ethan at Nonsuch Park
Aug 19, 2006 - 4 Photos


  1. Well Bill, Give up on Picasa and use the orginal - iPhoto. Its great, but you need a Mac. Oly

  2. So far no FBI, but once Dubya taps my phone line, I'll make sure to use your name a lot!

  3. As for me, I dont have any problems with Picasa, maybe its because I am very good user. Or maybe its because I have got my latest picasa download from this service that my boss suggested me to use.