Saturday, 23 October 2004

Getting ready for baby 'bean'

So... its only a couple of weeks away (well I hope he isn't too early...) and there's still lots to do.

We've got the nursery finished today (except a bit of furniture/chest of drawers etc). White fluffy clouds courtesy of granny Margaret and wall paper / lining paper on walls courtesy of grandpa Wayne. Lots of other stuff generously donated by friends (Andy, Maria & Jools, Chris & Gillian - thanks!)

The new bathroom is finished - was bloody expensive in the end - especially having to knock down a wall to fit the bath in - but its so much better - hurrah! We can finally have a stand-up shower after 7 years of living here! [Thanks to Wayne for helping with the decorating too]

We started on sorting out all the crap downstairs today - taken a lot down to the garage, throwing out a lot too - just so much stuff we have accumulated.... We need a bigger house! [are looking at an extension in the new year]

I'll post some pictures later of the finished rooms!

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