Sunday, 24 October 2004

HRMax of 188 = "oh my god! how much further is the top?"

Boy, I'm knackered. Just got back from Sigma Sport sunday cycle.

Ride was 41 miles, plus I've done an extra 10 going to Hampton and back.

I was worried when they decided there was only going to be one group - but encouraged when they said it would be a flat one out to Windsor. Somebody changed their mind half way along though and we ended up going to Coombe, Newlands Corner, Clandon, Cobham and god knows where else.

Ended up having to get off and walk 20 yds on one hill - which was stupid because if I'd known it was only a little further I may have been able to stick it out - The Shame!

Anyway - everyone was really friendly and helpful and I'll try and go again - baby permitting.

p.s. this pint of Coniston Brewing Co. "Bluebird Bitter" tastes wonderful and I've also got Sunday Roast to look forward to! (there is an upside to exercise)

(c) Bill Pinnell 2004

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