Saturday, 23 October 2004

New family, new car - which one is going to arrive first?

This is the new sensible familiy car we are getting. Its a Ford Focus Estate, TDCI Diesel, 115 bhp

Of course it would be better if the damn car had been delivered by now - its about 2 weeks overdue from :(

...Need it soon - I think Denise is going to pop any day!

(c) Bill Pinnell 2004

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  1. Bill, I would not hold your breath. I too was in a similar situation with Virgin and a baby on the way. The Focus C-Max "in a choice of colours" and a delivery time of "up to three weeks" was nothing more than a scam. The cars never existed, and after 10 weeks were no nearer delivery. Virgin could not even give me any information as to when they expected delivery. My advice to you is to cancel the order, demand a full refund (as they are in breach of contract) and go to Ford Direct. I had the car I requested on my driveway within 10 days of making the call.