Wednesday, 28 July 2004

Fatter Pipe

Hurrah! BT recently dropped the price for my 512Kbps ADSL line from £29.99 to £26.99. But at the same time they also introduced a traffic cap (15Gbytes per month) - which I thought was a bit cheeky as I used to have an unlimited allowance.

But at the same time they also had an offer to upgrade to a 1Mbps ADSL for £29.99. So as I was used to paying that much anyway I signed up for the upgrade - also it comes with an increased allowance of 30Gbytes per month - which I think I'll manage to stay within.

The good news was that they did the upgrade yesterday. Didn't see a speed increase (using internet bandwidth tester) until I re-booted my router - but then was getting 900Kbps+

The bad news was that they've screwed up the normal voice line at the exchange!

1 comment:

  1. I could sell you a fatter pipe for half the price. But it does include a suction device!!!