Friday, 9 July 2004

This is my first posting to my first Blog!

...which of course is totally untrue. I've been trying to get this to work for several hours. Have only succeeded now that I have bought (!) hosting space away from btinternet/bt yahoo which didn't seem to want play ball with Blogger. Anyway - it now works nicely with the domain which I already had on that hosting service.

And once you know it works you obviously go back in and modify your first ('this better work this time') posting to make it more of a landmark - rather than the test message!

Welcome to Bill's Blog


  1. Don't worry I was only getting bored and curious!

    Love the pics, especially the ones of far and out places...

    So what's new? what are you up to nowadays? Still giving head massages?...

  2. Hmm.. yes still giving theraputic shoulder rubs to friends and family now and again!

  3. Never knew they were therapeutic! Hope you are feeling better. Mike hasn't changed much!