Monday, 19 July 2004

Sick as a dog

Decided not to post any blogs recently as I was either delirious with a fever over 103oF/39.5oC or was just feeling pretty terrible!


Went home from work last Thursday feeling really bad. Turned out I was feverish. On Friday the doctor said I had Tonsilitus.... or Glandular Fever.... or both :(


So I'm hoping that the 'orrible anti-biotics and pain killers will kick in and make me feel better soon (at least the temperature has gone down). If I'm still feeling bad next Friday I'm going in for blood tests.


Meanwhile have had to cancel business trip to St.John's College in Cambridge which is a shame as its a good mix of hard work, catching up with associates and enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the college. I hope I'm better to go to old friend's wedding on Saturday. 


Have started a new fantasy series 'The Black Magician Trilogy' by Trudi Canavan   


Its a bit like Harry Potter - though more grown up and set in fantastical world. It is a bit formulaic but what the hell - I'm ill - I'm allowed to read trashy fantasy novels....

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