Sunday, 25 July 2004

No books moved yet... VBA ISBN Lookup

So didn't get quite as much done on the books as I wanted! Was sidetracked this morning as Mike had returned my copy of FarCry in the post.

I've uploaded the latest 1.2 patch (even though there are some reports that it has been recalled by Ubisoft as it has some h/w compatibility issues). No improvement - the game still randomly crashes to the desktop.

However, whilst looking around to find out whether the 1.2 patch had enabled quick saves or not (it hasn't yet - internally they've done things to enable quick saves but its not complete yet), I discovered that if you start it with -devmode switchn (i.e. F:\Games\FarCry\FarCry.exe -devmode) then you can pull down menu in game with tilda (¬ key) and save with '\save_game name'. So it still crashes but at least I can make some progress...

At this point I was sorely tempted to do some more investigation of why my primary machine is so flaky. I'm getting similar crashes in Toca2, Colin McRae Rally 04, Thief III demo. I have latest ATI drivers for my 9800 Pro, all the latest audio and motherboard flash/rom/drivers. I even looked at power suppy during game - wasn't particularly helpful as ASUS probe doesn't record anything whilst the game is running! Feel like doing a clean XP install - but thats just too painfull to contemplate.

Anyway - back on the books/nursery conversion:- tidied / moved crap from middle of box room so that we can actually get to the book shelves. Then spent hours trying to figure out how to write a application/macro/VB script which would accept an ISBN then display name, author etc (i.e. want to check ISBN before I put book in storage). Got sidetracked by Microsoft's latest Visual Studio 2005 Express tools - downloaded the VB tools (and will probably download C# and web tools as well) - the idea being I use the latest tools plus examples to access Amazon web services.

Whilst I was waiting for tools to download (all 250Mb for VB) I looked through AWS SDK on my laptop and found some example VBA code for Word which didn't take much effort to modify to work for ISBN book lookups!

So tommorrow is the grand ISBN entry day + Sunday lunch + do some work before I go back to office on Monday.

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