Sunday, 25 July 2004

Some success with Far Cry + 1st Box of Books

Whilst surfing the web for any hints and tips on getting FarCry working I came across a posting from Vizier on 'The Hardware Guy' Forum. He has same setup as me and had tried to stop FarCry from crashing (including reinstalling Windows XP from scratch and buying a bigger powersupply).

I posted a reply to say I was in the same boat and had he had any further luck. It turns out there was a 2nd post from him in the last two weeks where he claimed 95% success by increasing the AGP voltage to the graphics card from 1.5v to 1.7v.

Tried this and it does help - I can now play for 10-20 minutes without it crashing - I've now managed top get to the end of the stage and am up to my neck in monsters and marines on the 'Bunker' level!

Oh... managed to enter in 100 or so ISBNs and fill up the first box to go in the loft.

Sunday lunch at in-laws beckons....

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  1. How exciting! Is the baby due soon or at the planning stage? Believe me, babies take up more room than 800 books :-) Ours took over the whole of the house and more in a matter of hours! He will be 2 months next Wednesday - time is flying by alarmingly...I guess I am still under shock!

    Oh forgot to wish you a happy birthday! Hope all is well.