Friday, 23 July 2004

Sunspot 0652 on my birthday

Here's the processed 652 Sunspot (resized)

Note that the black mark right and down from middle is not another sunspot - its a large bit a dust on the CCD sensor :(

I managed to blow it off later - but there's still other muck in there. This sort of shows that taking lenses off DSLRs and mucking around rigging it up to telescopes is generally a non-camera friendly activity - I can see where the dedicated astro CCD people are coming from...

Not sure what the banding is around the edges - maybe an artifact from adaptive lucy richardson filter or something in original - will check tommorrow.


  1. Gorgeous pic. I've wanted to get a telescope for some time. You just bumped that up on the priority list.

  2. Thanks!

    You'll see that I've had another go at the processing - I think the latest is much better (you can see the plasma detail on the surface).

    Ended up with about 8 shots of same quality - tried 'stacking' them in ImagesPlus but didn't get it working correctly - if I had the level of detail could have possibly been improved.

  3. Nice pic, Bill. Indeed, nice blog. Surprised that I spent 20-30 mins on this learning about your life. be good to see you again soon and say Hi to Denise. Hope all is well, DP.